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Team Leader (CO)
You are the Team Leader (CO) of the team. You make operational decisions for the team.
Executive Team Leader (XO)
You are second in command of the team. You assist the CO with planning and execution. Fill in for CO when he/she is unavailable during a battle.

Black Ops Leader
Black Ops Leader basically take his squad into enemy lines "looking for trouble". Depending on the situation and the target location, the black op unit conduct direct action mssions.

Special Forces Leader
Primary task are counter-terrorism, counter-insurgency, and national intervention operations, although it is an extremely versatile group capable of assuming many convert missions, including, but not limited to, rescusing hostages and raids.
Dagger (Light Infantry)
A mobile soldier who can move about the field pretty well. Aggressive players are usually more suited to this position. Movement and aggressiveness are key parts of the Dagger position. When needed, you should spring to action without much guidance.
Sabre (Medium Infantry)
This is the basic infantry position. EVERYONE must be able to play Sabre. The Sabre (with the help of the broadsword) helps to build a base of fire for the fire team in action while the Dagger/Scout/others manuever. You will often be a somewhat static base of fire to suppress the enemy.
Broadsword (Heavy Infantry)
The big gun of the team!! You normally lay down lots of paint to keep the enemy suppressed. You don't have to move around as often during battle as a Dagger or Sabre. You are the core of our base of fire as a team. You will need to carry plenty of paint. You should have a weapon capable of shooting a good distance since you are not normally at the very front of the fire team during action.
Ambush/Sniper (Scout)
NO, there is NO such thing as a sniper in paintball so forget it. This player is a scout and uses stealth as an important weapon. You MUST be a thinker who is aware of his surroundings. You MUST be able to stay alive at almost any cost. A radio is almost a requirement (eventually it will be a requirement) so you can let the team know what is going on. You are not designed for combat but rather supply the team with information so we can get the mission done. Aggressive and/or impatient players should NOT be a scout.
Hammer (Mobile Heavy Infantry)
a Broadsword who owns a highly specialized weapon for laying down massive amounts of paint. You will have to carry plenty of paint for supressing the enemy. You MUST be in decent physical condition to play this position since you will have a very heavy load.
The Grenadier is capable of sending rounds of paint grenades a great distance away, providing support fire for the team/squad. Grenadiers also carry large inventory of smoke and paint grenades.
The Medic usually moves with light equipment for mobilbility. Medic are able to heal shot players. Medic should have strong evasive skills. The medic must be willing to be the focused target.



Top Gunnas Roster (Last Update 08.11.2011)

Players with Reserve tabs are either inactive (not attended a game or practice in 6 months), or have not played a scenerio/milsim game or practice with us yet.

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Hand Signals
Top Gunnas are stealty so we use hand signals on missions.
Sqaud Formations
When in battle we use formation to cover team.


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