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Top Gunnas - We Are A Unit Of One
Top Gunnas Scenario/Mil-Sim Team was founded in October 2009 in Houston, TX. Even though we are a diverse group, we all share one thing in common, and that's the love for the sport of Paintball. We are now a force to be reckoned with.

Top Gunnas official uniform is Multicam Camo, which all members are required to own. At this time there are no restriction on weapons and gear.

Most of Top Gunnas members have been playing paintball for 10+ years. Top Gunnas enjoy experimenting with the lastest paintball guns and equipment. Our team is made up of dedicated people with a real passion for paintball and the Scenario/Mil-sim Events. Many members of our team have real military experience and is currently serving our country.

We are always looking for new recruits; we require dedication and teamwork to join Top Gunnas. If you are looking to join contact one of Top Gunnas and find out when will be playing and come play as a guest.

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Home Fields
We are working on choosing a field we can call home will post soon.
Top Gunnas are working with a few good company with some awesome equipment.
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